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Dailies for June of 2000

June 30, 2000

The Saugus Inspectional Services Department asked us to let everyone know that Saugus will be starting mosquito spraying.

It will be performed seven days a week from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM, scheduled by precincts. High winds or rain will result in cancelled spraying and that precinct will be sprayed on the following night. The following is the schdule of spraying by precinct:

Monday: Precinct 1; Tuesday: Precincts 2 & 10; Wednesday: Precincts 3 & 8; Thursday: Precinct 4; Friday: Precinct 5; Saturday: Precinct 6; Sunday: Precincts 7 & 9.

"Scourge" insecticide will be used for spraying. Scourge has been used in Saugus for several years, and has only a mild paint like solvent odor. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on this product are available for review at the Inspectional Services Department. If you do not want your property sprayed, please contact the Board of Health at 231-4115 and install aluminum pie plates at both property lines that may be easily seen by the pesticide applicator.

June 28, 2000

The Computer Terms Glossary was updated today.

June 23, 2000

The News Sources page was updated today.

June 22, 2000

We'd just like to congratulate Saugonian (and past Ghost Story Contest Winner) Stephen Wilk who's gotten his book Medusa: Solving the Mystery of the Gorgon published through the Oxford University Press. We're told the Saugus Public Library has already ordered a copy.

June 21, 2000

The Legal & Financial resources page was updated today.

June 20, 2000

Both the Special Saugus Town Meeting and the Annual Saugus Town Meeting that were underway last night completed. The decision of the Special was to refer the idea of a RESCO health study to a committee created for the purpose by the Town Manager. The committee will try to determine what can be achieved by such a study and how best to fund it should it turn out to be useful. Highlights of the Annual include the passing of a drive-through window by-law, an increase in the water rate to help compensate for the MWRA increases, and the passing of articles to construct a sidewalk on Adams Avenue and fund repairs to the Town Hall Annex.

June 19, 2000

The local business Scribner Associates has had its site updated recently.

June 16, 2000

Have you won a T-shirt in a past contest or gotten one at a past non-profit event? Do you have any pictures of yourself wearing one in an interesting place? We'll start collecting such pictures over the Summer and will eventually be posting some of the best ones online. We'll post more details later about how & when to send us the pictures, when we'll be posting them, etc.

June 15, 2000

Saugus Town Meeting Member / MBTA Advisory Board Designee Fred Moore has asked us to inform everyone about the proposed MBTA fare increases and to let everyone know that there will be six public discussions prior to anything being finalized. All these public discussions have been listed on the Community Events Calendar. If you use any of the MBTA services, he urges you to attend one of the meetings.

June 14, 2000

The Computer Terms Page was updated today.

June 13, 2000

Saugus Town Meeting highlights include the passing of a School-side budget (slightly less than what the School Committee decided upon, but a number that both the Committee and the School Administrators said was acceptable), the passing of an article to fund a study to help revitalize the ponds in the Golden Hills, the passing of an article to allow the Selectmen to offer four small parcels of land as partial trade for Vinegar Hill, the passing of an article to fund phase one of the Saugus Riverwalk project, and the passing of articles to create an Open Space Trust Fund and place some of the hotel / motel occupancy tax funds in it.

June 12, 2000

The Filename Extensions Glossary was updated today.

June 8, 2000

The News Sources page was updated today.

June 7, 2000

There have been more than the usual number of updates made to the Community Events Calendar recently.

June 6, 2000

Saugus Town Meeting highlights include the passing of a balanced Town-side budget and the passing of an article to pay the Northeast Regional Vocational School slightly less than what they order amidst numerous criticisms of their administrative salaries.

June 5, 2000

The Saugus Recycling, Etc. page was updated today.

June 2, 2000

The Friends of Saugus Town Hall site was updated today.

June 1, 2000

As happens every month, the Most Popular Pages Countdown has been retabulated.