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Dailies for March of 1999

March 31, 1999

We've added a section covering the development of the upcoming Saugus: 1900 - 2000 book that will cover the history of Saugus from 1900 to the present day. We'll update the section's contents as the book itself develops.

March 29, 1999

The SAVE site was updated today.

March 26, 1999

The Friends of Breakheart Reservation site was updated today.

March 25, 1999

Newton book fans: the assorted Newton books downloadable through can now be downloaded in compressed form to save download time. This applies to SAVE's book as well as all the by-laws books.

March 24, 1999

The Community Event Calendar gets updated even more frequently than the Guestbook. It had some significant updates today.

March 23, 1999

Though we don't usually mention it specifically, the Guestbook gets updated frequently, and has had quite a few new entries added just this past week.

March 22, 1999

Major updates have been made to the Local TV & Radio Page today. We think it now includes all of the local college / university stations in addition to all the commercial stations. If we've missed any that have web pages, please let us know.

March 19, 1999

There have been several updates made to the Community Event Calendar over the past couple of days.

March 17, 1999

The SAVE site has been updated.

March 16, 1999

We've been informed by the Saugus Cable Commission that both they and MediaOne are aware of the reception difficulty residents are experiencing with the CTV-3 transmission of Selectmen Meetings from the Town Hall. Every effort is being made by MediaOne to locate and correct the problem.

March 15, 1999

Three Saugus teams who were involved in significant contests this weekend; the hockey team emerged victorious. The drama team did not make the finals, and the final basketball game ended for Saugus with a brawl. Regardless, all three teams are to be congratulated on a superb season.

March 12, 1999

We've just been informed by the Saugus Millennium Celebration Committee that the Town Hall, all three branches of the Eastern Bank, both branches of the Saugus Co-operative Bank, the Saugus Federal Credit Union, and Dr. Upton's office at 480 Lincoln Avenue are all fully stocked with Millennium Celebration Admission Buttons. If you had trouble getting a button before, it's time to try again. There will be limited admission to the mall on December 31, 1999 for safety reasons, so get your buttons early. Dancing, dinner, and entertainment for all ages are included in the button purchase.

March 11, 1999

Just minor updates today, scattered all throughout the site.

March 10, 1999

In addition to excellence in basketball (as mentioned a couple days ago) Saugus is currently also excelling in ice hockey and the performing arts. The Saugus High School Hockey Team is in the state finals; their next (and final) game is for first place in the state and will be Saturday at 5:00 PM at Boston University. The Saugus High School Drama Club is in the second round of the semi-finals and will possibly make it into the state finals this Saturday at 11:30 AM in Marblehead High School with their performance of "At the Hawk's Well".

March 9, 1999

Do you have an old wood stove that you would like to donate to a good cause? We've just gotten word from the Friends of Breakheart Reservation that Breakheart Reservation and Camp Nihan need several wood stoves for use in the scout cabins. The Friends of Breakheart Reservation would be able to pick up any stoves donated and would be happy to issue a receipt for a charitable donation that could be used with your tax returns. If you'd like to donate a wood stove, please call 233-0834.

March 8, 1999

We've gotten word that the Saugus CYO basketball team just made the state tournament, currently being ranked #3. Congratulations go out to Coach Chris Tarentino and all the players (Kyle Sycharwitz, Mark Pizzoti, Mark Cox, Nick Piccozi, Danny Ross, Richie Burggren, Chris Finn, Mike Selbovitz, and TJ Reagan) for getting this far. They will now continue on in the tournament and have a shot at winning the whole thing.

March 5, 1999

There have been numerous little updates today, including minor ones to the Entertainment, Surrounding Area, and Medical info pages.

March 4, 1999

The Saugus Historical Society page was updated today.

March 3, 1999

We've updated the highlights from Saturday's benefit concert page to include the names of all the performers we could track down. If you see any mistakes or omissions, please let us know. In particular we were unable to get much information at all on the first act, Drift. If you know any of these guys, please have them give us a call and we'll list them, too.

March 2, 1999

There will be a retirement party for John Burns, who spent over sixty years in the Saugus school system. We've been asked to request people to submit any interesting / amusing stories they have about John Burns for possible reading during the party. Did you have Mr. Burns as an English teacher? Did you teach under him when he was an administrator? Send us your stories. Stories should be limited to about a half page, and to be used must be in by April 10. Stories from people who have since moved out of state will be especially welcomed, but stories from people still living in Saugus will certainly also be used. We'll post the details of the party itself on the Community Event Calendar as soon as we have them.

March 1, 1999

Also, we have the final results on February's survey.

As usual, the Most Popular Pages Countdown has been retabulated.