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Dailies for March of 2004

March 31, 2004

The Non-Profit Organizations, Clubs, and Places of Worship page was updated today.

March 30, 2004

The Saugus Traffic Study Committee has completed its work, and its final report is now available through its web site.

March 29, 2004

The Friends of Breakheart Reservation site was updated today.

March 26, 2004

The SAVE site was updated today.

March 25, 2004

Although it's not usually so active, the Educational Resources page was updated for the third time in slightly over a week today.

March 24, 2004

The Educational Resources page was updated today.

March 23, 2004

We've improved the dict interface to the Computer Knowledgebase Search Facilities today.

March 22, 2004

Although it may not seem like it right now with snow still on the ground, spring officially arrived this past weekend and yard sale season is upon us. If you're planning one, don't forget to post it on the free Yard Sales Calendar.

March 19, 2004

This is just a reminder that if you're interested in any of the upcoming computer courses at the Saugus Senior Center you should contact us soon to reserve a spot as seating is limited.

March 18, 2004

The Educational Resources page was updated today.

March 17, 2004

It's been a while since the last update on the Saugus SETI team has been posted here. Saugus area machines have already contributed nearly 4000 results, utilizing over eight years' worth of CPU time that would have otherwise been wasted.

March 16, 2004

The Computer Resources page was updated today.

March 15, 2004

The Guide To Free Software was updated today.

March 12, 2004

The Saugus Board of Selectmen asked us to post the following two announcements:

  1. The Saugus Board of Selectmen voted to close the Annual Town Meeting Warrant on March 30, 2004.
  2. The Saugus Board of Selectmen are accepting application for appointment as Veterans Graves Officer for the Town of Saugus. This is a non-paid volunteer position. Please submit letter of interest / résumé to:
    Saugus Board of Selectmen
    Saugus Town Hall
    298 Central Street
    No later than March 31, 2004.

March 11, 2004

The Computer Terms Glossary was updated today.

March 10, 2004

As mentioned in the calendar, the Saugus Historical Society general meeting is being held tonight; note that it isn't in its usual location, but rather in the St. John's Episcopal Church. As part of their 75th anniversary year celebrations, they'll be honoring their honorary members tonight in addition to the usual discussion / slide-show (tonight will be about the old Saugus ice export business). The general public is welcome. Of especial note for those who were unable to get a Historic Saugus Calendar is that there will be some available at this meeting.

March 9, 2004

Several minor updates were made to some of the small informational pages like Weather and Time today.

March 8, 2004

The Saugus Historical Commission site was updated today.

March 5, 2004

The Saugus Chamber of Commerce site had some recent updates to its member database.

March 4, 2004

For the more computer savvy, we've made the contents of the Computer Knowledgebase accessible via the dict protocol. Simply use as one of your dict servers. Various information on dict and clients for it are freely available.

March 3, 2004

We've finished posting the results from yesterday's presidential primaries. Turn-out in spite of (or perhaps because of) the good weather was quite dismal.

March 2, 2004

Special Update:

We've started posting results from today's presidential primaries. All the results should be available by tomorrow morning.

Don't forget that the elections are being held today. If you need to know where you're supposed to vote, you can look it up on the Saugus Town Clerk's Office site.

March 1, 2004

The software updates of the weekend actually carried into this morning (apologies to those who checked the calendar and found it to be empty). As of around lunch time today, everything should be normal, so please let us know if anything still seems odd.