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Dailies for November of 2016

November 30, 2016

The Saugus Neighborhoods page was further updated today.

November 29, 2016

The Saugus Area Television & Radio Information page was updated today.

November 28, 2016

The Saugus Area Legal, Financial, & Real Estate Information page was updated today.

November 25, 2016

Today is the busiest shopping day of the year; you can however avoid the crowds, save time and money, and help out all at the same time. Just by using one of the links to our various sponsors (such as here on and place an order, you'll not only save yourself money and aggravation, but you'll be helping to support the numerous free services we provide here at, too.

November 24, 2016

The office will be closed today and tomorrow for the Thanksgiving holiday. Regularly updated pages will continue to be updated.

November 23, 2016

We've updated the Halloween Ghost Story Contests Statistics page, so if you follow how states, towns, or schools are performing against one another, the details are again up-to-date.

November 22, 2016

The Saugus Neighborhoods page was updated today.

November 21, 2016

The Filename Extensions List was updated today.

November 18, 2016 was updated today.

November 17, 2016

The Help Page was updated today.

November 16, 2016

We've updated the old Saugus Mozilla Firefox search plugin to conform to the latest standards. It's faster and better than before, and will work on the latest releases of Firefox.

November 15, 2016

The Saugus-area Medical, Dental, & Pharmaceutical Information page was updated today.

November 14, 2016

The News Sources page was updated today.

November 11, 2016

The Computer & Internet Etiquette (Netiquette) Guide was updated today.

November 10, 2016

The Saugus Area Government Information page was updated again today.

November 9, 2016

We've posted the detailed precinct-by-precinct breakdown for the Saugus Election Results. We've not yet added the school committee specific results but will do so soon.

November 8, 2016

Remember that today is Election Day in Saugus. If you don't know where you're supposed to go to vote, you can look it up online.

November 7, 2016

The Saugus Area Government Information page was updated today.

November 4, 2016

Today is the last day to vote early in Massachusetts. If you just can't wait until Tuesday, you've got to make your move today.

November 3, 2016

We've updated some information for some of the ghost story contest winners. As more information becomes available, we'll make further updates. As always, you can read all winning ghost stories online.

November 2, 2016

This is just a reminder that early voting is available in Massachusetts, and there are specific times and places to vote early in Saugus and the rest of the state.

November 1, 2016

All the winning Ghost Story Contest entries have been posted. This year we had winners from Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, Kansas, Texas, Alberta, England, and Hong Kong. Curiously we also had two adult winners this year who have each previously won three times. Prior to this year there had only been three winners total who have won more than three times each, so this is a pretty remarkable occurrence.