Help on Searching the Computer Knowledgebase

The Computer Knowledgebase search function is implemented using Zope. The following two paragraphs are quoted from the official Zope documentation, but the examples have been altered to be more in keeping with this particular application. If you prefer, it is also possible to skim through the terms, extensions, and free software sections directly.

One or more words in the text can be found. Multiple words may be joined with AND and OR. If neither are specified OR is assumed, meaning if an item has any of the words specified it will be considered a match. If you wish to find items with all of the words you specify, use AND, for example "c128 AND geos" would search only for terms that somehow relate both to the C128 and GEOS. Text searches are case-insensitive, so even though both C128 and GEOS feature upper-case characters, our search was fine all in lower-case.

Searching for items with special characters works as follows: If it has an underscore or other strange character, search for the words seperately: "TCP/IP" becomes "tcp ip".

So basically all one typically has to do is enter a search term or two, optionally making use of AND and OR as needed. If you're feeling a little more confident now you can use the form below:

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