15th Annual
Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2012

Here are the results for the 2012 Halloween Story Contest.

Each story was individually read by three judges. Each judge rated every story based upon the guidelines listed in the original rules. Finally, the results were tallied and the top three scoring stories were picked for each category.


Readers of these stories may be interested to note that the book Of Time and the River features an article about this contest written by one of its judges.

This was a bit of a crazy year for us with the hurricane knocking out power for a lot of folks helping out with the contest. We'll likely be tweaking things for a few days.

Also, feel free to take a peek at last year's winners or use the interactive fiction demo.
Finally, we're looking to expand our panel of judges. Do you love reading classic ghost stories, contemporary horror, and every possible genre in between? If so, please and let us know why you'd make a good judge!