Upgrade to Firefox This Weekend


Upgrade to Firefox This Weekend

By now you've probably seen some of the articles in the Boston Globe (here's another), the Boston Herald, the New York Times (registration required), the Chicago Tribune, CNET (here's another), CNN, Wired, and Slashdot advocating the use of a browser like Firefox over the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer, but did you realize that even the United States Department of Homeland Security has recommended using another browser? We at would like to strongly encourage people still using Microsoft Internet Explorer to upgrade to a more modern, more secure browser like Firefox.

There are several benefits. One of the most important is security. You may not be aware of it, but there are other people interested in your computer and there is a chance someone will try and break into every time you're connected to the Internet. If you're a Microsoft Windows user (especially if you have a cable or DSL connection) then you're at high risk. Besides stealing personal information like bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and you-name-it, they can use your machine to send spam to other people, or even use your computer to help attack another computer. This means that if your computer is not secure, you can be indirectly responsible for some of the spam that others get or an attack made on someone else's machine. Likewise, your neighbors' insecure computers are indirectly responsible for some of the spam that you get plus attacks made on other machines that affect you. If everyone made their computers more secure, everyone would suffer through a lot less spam and computers would be less likely to be attacked, making the Internet a safer, friendlier place. While using Firefox will not magically make your computer completely secure, it will make your computer a lot more secure by closing up many holes left open by Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Besides the increase in security, you'll be able to take immediate advantage of some of the advanced features we offer at including our RSS feed and Mozilla Search Plug-in, plus with an optional calendar plug-in you'll be able to see the Saugus Community Calendar in a whole new way through the wonders of iCalendar technology. You also may notice that due to Firefox's superior support of modern standards, many pages on the Web will look distinctly better (especially if you're currently an AOL user). Built-in features like the automatic blocking of pop-up advertisements will make surfing the Web faster and more fun.

In addition to the link on the Guide to Free Software, you can download Firefox directly from here, or take advantage of the new public-service button we've added to the sidebar. It's right beneath the search box and iTunes free download button. While we're thinking of it on this craziest shopping weekend of the year, why not do some of your shopping online? Supporting our sponsors (, the iTunes Music Store, and Simply Audiobooks) through the appropriate link will save you money, time, and aggravation plus help us provide you with more free services.

To summarize: if you're currently using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you'll not only make your computer safer by upgrading to Firefox, you'll even help make the Internet a little better for everyone else. The upgrade is free and easy; why not try it out this holiday weekend?

  • Title: Firefox in Saugus, Massachusetts
    Blog Name: Feneric's Spread Firefox Blog
    Received On: 2005/02/02 17:32:08 GMT-5
    Excerpt: the official local page for Saugus, Massachusetts (a community of over 27,000 a little north of Boston) has posted an article advocating that all MS Internet Explorer users switch over to Firefox.

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