Thunderbird and Firefox


Thunderbird and Firefox

If you took our advice (given in our earlier article advocating the use of a secure and modern browser like Firefox over Microsoft Internet Explorer) and are now enjoying a more pleasant web browing experience, you may also want to check out a more modern and secure e-mail client, like Thunderbird.

Thunderbird will do for your e-mail experience what Firefox does for your browsing experience. It's more secure than Outlook Express, and has advanced features like Usenet news support, RSS feed support, and even (with an optional calendar plug-in) iCalendar support.

Don't forget that both Firefox and Thunderbird are free upgrades. If you've not yet tried Firefox, you should make a point of doing so before the new year gets in full swing. You won't be sorry.

  • Title: More Firefox in Saugus, Massachusetts
    Blog Name: Feneric's Spread Firefox Blog
    Received On: 2005/02/02 17:35:07 GMT-5
    Excerpt: is the official local page for Saugus, Massachusetts (a community of over 27,000 a little north of Boston), and it has long been a supporter of free software. It has advocated Firefox before and offers a Firefox Search Plug-in for its own localized Saugus-area search.

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