Saugus Compost Site Opening Soon


Saugus Compost Site Opening Soon

We've been asked to post the following:

The Town of Saugus will open the compost site located in the rear of the Dept. of Public Works at 515 Main Street on Saturday, April 12, 2008. It will be open on Saturdays only, from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

There is a seasonal fee of $25.00 that must be paid by check or money order.

No cash accepted. No exceptions to the rule.

Stickers may be purchased at the D.P.W. office or at the compost site. By check or money order.

The compost site will remain open until the first snow storm, in the fall.

Yard waste must be in brown compost bags or you may use open containers. We will be accepting leaves, grass clippings, and brush. No branches or limbs larger than 3" in diameter.

The stickers must be permanently placed on the lower left corner of the windshield. No out of state places allowed.

Without a sticker we will not allow entry to the compost site.

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