2021 Election

2021 General Election

The unofficial results of the election have been tabulated. They're still unofficial because overseas federal employees etc. are allowed to vote and their votes can take up to ten days to arrive back and be counted.

The abbreviated results are as follows:


  1. Anthony W. Cogliano, Sr.
  2. Debra C. Panetta
  3. Jeffrey V. Cicolini
  4. Corinne R. Riley
  5. Michael J. Serino

School Committee:

  1. Thomas R. Whittredge
  2. Vincent A. Serino
  3. John S. Hatch
  4. Ryan P. Fisher
  5. Joseph D. Gould

Housing Authority:

  1. William B. Stewart

The details are below.

2021 Selectmen Election Results

Corinne R. Riley176226164951901901671921561541710
Michael J. Serino178186150942091621421911752221709
Debra C. Panetta2462112071233111901952022202112116
Harold Young9998894488128901047759876
Jeffrey V. Cicolini187194168862501661791771651831755
Elizabeth A. Marchese128161100741631531291521201281308
Darren R. McCullough12594102521891251301681031031191
Domenic Montano144111123641481141271431741021250
Leo M. Fonseca, Jr.798268341176772837747726
Anthony W. Cogliano, Sr.2552381971133232462512702512952439
Total Votes16171601136877919881541148216821518150415080

2021 School Committee Election Results

Arthur Grabowski1111378568153133132123991161157
Thomas R. Whittredge2372141991202812171922361951992090
Joseph D. Gould180166165912171551622151531571661
Leigh Michelle Gerow173166166872191701471801571211586
Ryan P. Fisher2031931811032431761602021971491807
John S. Hatch215185179942331741732351831751846
Vincent A. Serino224210165912751992082331912252021
Total Votes13431271114065416211224117414241175114212168

2021 Housing Authority Election Results

Kristi A. Talagan959288611371121231091111141042
John Cannon886844358066741005955669
William B. Stewart158166147672061431161471301461426
Total Votes3413262791634233213133563003153137

Town Meeting Precinct #1

Mark J. Bell229
Christopher R. Jones212
Assunta A. Palomba193
Anthony Roger Arone221
Susan C. Dunn234
Total Votes1089

Town Meeting Precinct #2

Robert James Camuso, Sr.215
Peter A. Rossetti, Jr.259
Joseph John Vecchione IV231
Christopher P. Riley207
Christine M. Moreschi216
Total Votes1128

Town Meeting Precinct #3

Richard E. Thompson169
Arthur David Connors, Jr.183
Rick A. Smith157
Annemarie E. Tesora156
Daniel I. Schena176
Total Votes841

Town Meeting Precinct #4

Glen R. Davis116
Maureen E. Whitcomb103
William Louis Leuci85
Andrew James Whitcomb74
Stephen N. Doherty116
Robert C. Northrup91
Total Votes585

Town Meeting Precinct #5

Jacklyn A. Hickman259
Pamela J. Goodwin324
Ronald Mark Wallace196
Alex Ryan Manoogian192
Brenton H. Spencer209
Mary Frances Migliore207
Paul R. Arnold147
Total Votes1534

Town Meeting Precinct #6

Allen V. Panico219
William S. Brown207
Jean M. Bartolo246
Kevin D. Currie206
Elisa LeBarsseur214
Total Votes1092

Town Meeting Precinct #7

Stefano D’Anna192
John George Chipouras175
Stephen F. McCarthy204
Michael J. Paolini199
Robert A. Palleschi198
Total Votes968

Town Meeting Precinct #8

Anthony J. Lopresti236
Vincent A. Serino236
Jason A. Kahn156
William Kramich, Jr.157
Thomas E. Traverse220
William Edward Cross, III239
Total Votes1244

Town Meeting Precinct #9

Judith A. Worthley222
Katrina L. Berube157
Robert J. Long205
John S. Cottam138
Robert M. Strasnick145
Daniel M. Kelly164
Total Votes1031

Town Meeting Precinct #10

Peter Z. Manoogian, Sr.234
Steven C. DiVirgilio112
Martin J. Costello139
Peter Delios, Jr.190
Carla A. Scuzzarella189
James A. Tozza94
Vincent S. LoRusso, Jr.99
Darren S. Ring128
Total Votes1185