2007 Special State Primaries Results

2007 Senator in General Court (Middlesex, Suffolk, Essex) Primary

Most of the unofficial results of the election have been tabulated. They're still unofficial because overseas federal employees etc. are allowed to vote and their votes can take up to ten days to arrive back and be counted. The word "most" is used because they are not all tabulated yet.

Voter turn-out was poor. Only 475 people in the three involved precincts bothered to vote; this is perhaps not too surprising since Saugus actually has very little voice in the position. Four political parties submitted ballots: Democrats, Republicans, Green, and Working Families. Of these ballot choices, all but the Democratic one were blank and offered just the opportunity to write-in a candidate. A relative handful of people opted to write-in a Republican candidate on the Republican ballot; no-one took the opportunity to write-in a candidate on either the Green or Working Families ballots. Only ballots with votes are shown below.


The votes from all the other cities and towns have been tallied, and Anthony D. Galluccio is the final winner of the primary.

Democratic Party

Candidate Precinct Total
Timothy R. Flaherty 18 22 20 60
Anthony D. Galluccio 62 49 76 187
Paul R. Nowicki 56 49 37 142
Jeff Ross 36 14 18 68
Write-ins 0 2 0 2
Number of Blank Votes 0 1 0 1
Total Votes 172137151460

Republican Party

Candidate Precinct Total
Write-ins 3 5 7 15
Number of Blank Votes 0 0 0 0
Total Votes 35715