Available Jobs at

There currently are no full-time job openings here at, but we are looking to make new contacts with technical people and graphics designers for per-project contract work.

We'll provide a quick list though of what sorts of things we're generally looking for (and not looking for) when we are hiring technical people.

We Are Looking For

  • People adept with Zope, especially the CMF, Plone, and/or Repoze

  • People with good UNIX skills

  • People skilled with XHTML

  • People who know how to use CSS

  • People with some programming skills, especially Python, JavaScript, and/or XSLT

  • People with diverse OS backgrounds

We Are Not Looking For

  • People who send résumés in MS-Word format and aren't computer-savvy enough to know why it's a bad idea

  • People who have only used automated tools like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or PageMill to create web sites

  • People with a background only in MS-Windows -- the Web is inherently multi-platform

  • People who believe they are Web experts based upon a single course or seminar and little practical experience


If you fall into the latter category for some reason but honestly want to learn more about the Web and Web site design, you should consider becoming a volunteer. There are numerous public interest sites that could benefit from your help, and we'll provide some guidance and possibly even some training (depending upon the amount of responsibility you've shouldered).