Privacy Policy

What We Do With Personal Information is concerned about your privacy in an era in which it is being increasingly threatened.

There are many places within the site where we ask for personal contact information (some popular examples include the Events Calendar and the Guestbook). It must be stressed that we collect this information only to preserve the integrity of site content; we use it to ask questions about the entry (if needed) to ensure that only complete and accurate information gets posted. This contact information is for our own use only with regards to the entry in question. We never sell this information to other parties.

We never use cookies (or other underhanded means) to track users like many other web sites do (try turning on your browser's "warn me before sending a cookie" option sometime to see just how many sites do track their users via cookies).

In short, we try to take a responsible approach to privacy; we try to use provided information in a manner that is always consistent with its intent.

If you have any specific questions about our privacy policy, do not hesitate to and ask.