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We've been asked about our T-shirts. They're not available for sale, but can only be won in various contests or occasionally received via various charities.

Over the years we've given out hundreds of them, in an assortment of over a dozen different colors. To the best of our knowledge, no one has ever been able to collect all the color combinations we've offered, but some people have gotten over halfway there. Internally we sometimes jokingly refer to them by their matching SFB counter designation. We've listed them all below in their order of original release:

Color Combinations

[t-shirt] Red on White
Our original T-shirt in the traditional Saugus colors.
[t-shirt] Glow-in-the-Dark on Black
This one is only winnable via our annual Ghost Story Writing Contest.
[t-shirt] White on Red
An early T-shirt with the Saugus colors reversed.
[t-shirt] White on Green
Our first shirt in non-Saugus / non-Halloween colors.
[t-shirt] Black on Yellow
Reminiscent of Charlie Brown or a honeybee.
[t-shirt] White on Cyan
This color combination is pretty popular; these shirts tend to go quickly when we get them.
[t-shirt] Black on White
I like black & white, we dream in black & white...
[t-shirt] Red on Yellow
We did not have too many of these made, so they're pretty rare.
[t-shirt] Black on Cyan
People really liked the other cyan shirts, so we added this combination.
[t-shirt] Black on Red
We really made these to serve as a second "Halloween-appropriate" option for people who won the Ghost Story Contest more than once.
[t-shirt] Cyan on White
It had been a few years since we'd done any white shirts, so we added this combination.
[t-shirt] White on Orange
This one is relatively new and not too many are in the world yet.
[t-shirt] Green on Yellow
This one is also relatively new and so not many are out yet.
[t-shirt] Black on Green
This one is brand new and so not many are out yet.
[t-shirt] Black on Orange
This was mostly made as another Halloween alternate for repeat winners of the contest.


Four our 10th anniversary we asked people to send in photos of themselves wearing our various shirts to be posted online. Not too many were sent in (the first couple submitted, taken in Paris, made for a hard act to follow), but the T-shirt photos are still viewable and we're still happy to post more. It'd be great to see more color combinations represented. Don't be shy; photos don't need spectacular backgrounds.