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 This is to serve as a guide
for writing questions to the Free Advice page.

Lately, I have been getting swamped with relationship questions. Many are long and rambling, some end without asking a question! Most I just don't have an answer for.

Although my goal is to help people, I also seek interesting content for the page. Allow up to two weeks for your question to be answered. Personal replies don't happen. Questions that are chosen to be answered will be published to this page.

To help Jim answer your questions and keep the page interesting / easy to read, be very clear and to the point.

Please use the guidelines below when writing.

  • Please don't make your message long and rambling.
  • Make sure your message contains a specific question.
  • Photography question? Please indicate details, such as film or digital
  • Try to be clear, concise and to the point.
  • If ages are relevant to the problem, include them.
  • Use punctuation. No caps or all caps is bad.
  • Again, make sure your message contains a question.
  • If your problem is serious, or require immediate attention this is not the way to solve it.


Write to Jim at Saugus dot net. Get it? No spaces etc. Replace "at" with "@"

Put "I read the guidelines!" in the subject line or else your message will not be read.


Don't be offended of your message is not answered.
Don't be offended if your message is answered!

Copyright © 2003 j.f.harrington

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