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Questions on this page have been sent to Ask Jim but were not chosen to be answered. This page is not meant to ridicule or otherwise put down the senders but to show the type of questions I won't attempt to answer. For some viewers, it might provide entertainment value.

If your question ends up here please don't be offended. Ask Jim is not a "toll free technical support service". Also, I'm not a magician. Some questions are not answered for obvious reasons. All entries on this are page pasted "as is" from e-mail received. This page is part of Saugus Photos Online.



I wish to open a syndicate for the national lottery, I believe somewhere on
the net there is a document that all sign up to which becomes a legal
document, i.e. the winnings have to be shared out and no one can run off with
the pot. Can you help me as to where to find this information.

HI, This is sort of a racial question. Most of the people I meet and talk to
have have perfect B/W relations. In the last ten years I've been peer
presurred to get with a white girl. Is it safe? I have fail to produce
responsable children from Black and asian girls. With being mixed between
B?W, I''ve seen that they're happy. I love white girls in the first place,
but had a incident with one. My question is should I ingage in a
relationship with one?

I need to know a good revenge tactic for this situation. A friend of mine's
girlfriend did not like me b/c she heard that I was talking about her. When
I was very, very drunk, she sweetly brought me something to drink after I
finished puking. It was her pee mixed w/ salt(which induces vomiting). It
got me so incredibly sick. I have to have my revenge b/c she made the
comment "too bad she's too big of a punk to do anything to her. I am not
really around her too much so I'm limited on what I can do but I also have
friends that are around her a lot that will help. PLEASE give me some good
advice on revenge.

How could I get into sites that are blocked by AOL's parental controls?
sorry about the capitals, i can't get them off because i don't have a master
account holder's password please tell me how Hey, i really need to know how to cheat the AOL parental control settings

Hi Jim
this is along
I need advice form you, its like these.
I really love her well it started to like this girl in 1999 but she never noticed me, tell one day my friend said it out loud that I liked her and she heard it.My friends made fun of me every time she pass by.Till one day I got mad because she looked at me like if she wanted to kill me.Some other time send her a message that I wanted to meet her right after school. a he told my friend that she wanted to talk to me,but I was not ready for her yet.
later that day I called her she asked me what I wanted to tell her.she act dumb, so I ended up asking her out over the phone.
she said that she needed permission form her mom and dad and in top of all that she said that to wait for her. Then she said two years she was only 14. I told her then why did she go out with these other boy.she said she wanted to know how it felt.
In 9th grad I told her that I made a lot of thinking and told her that what happens if she said no. she never answered me. I kept on asking her and she said she would write me.I saw her with another boy and that made me mad. I went up to her and said I know your answered and it is no.she said why do you said that then she said because I saw her with that other boy she,I said no because someone told me,she said I never said that.
she faunally wrote me back and she said,"that it is nice of the stuff you write, but I think you don't love me because you don't know me".
one whole week she was mad at me,she gave me a bad look.I stop looking at her and started mind my own life.I think she started to miss me because she started to talking to me.

I need your help bad tell me what I should do.

me and my boyfriend been going out only for 3 days my friend hooked me up
with him. he was at her house when me and her were talking on the phone then
she saaid that he want to talk to me. me and himm wre talking on the phone
fot a while when finna ly he asked me out and i said yes.i really really like
him,but the problem is that i don't even know what he looks like.And i used
to have crush in my bestfriends brother and he knows that and he said that if
i was hes age he would go out with me.and when he found out that i have a
boyfriend he wanted us to break up. i taked to him and asked him why
and he said because i don't even know what he lookes like and im like y do u
care and hes like cause (my boyfriend) can go out with other girls not u
and im like tell me y do u want us to break up he said because and then he
left. please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim, I am a 16 year old with a girlfriend and she wants me to take our
relationship to the next level and I don't know what move to make,can you
help me?

from new york
i hope you can read my message. i need to know what decision i will
make if two jobs have been offered at the same time with only two days
to decide.

my girlfriend goes to a college in mn and i'm in az. Sometimes i question
myself if she would cheat on me. I've asked her and she gets mad and says
she'd never do that. How can i know for sure? Are there any signs I should
look for?
-concerned boyfriend

hey i wuz just wondering what age it wuz for a girl to legaly move out of her
parents house. i also wanted to no say you lived in the louisiana and you
ran away like to a far place what state could you go to to were if they found
you they couldnt do anything

hey jim i need ways to get passeed parental controls i forgot the code i am
26 thanks

I met this girl at a family reunion. We are distant relatives (like 4th or
5th cousins or something). I am attracted to her. We share a lot of common
interests and I really enjoy being around her and just seeing her. I regret
that I didn't tell her how I felt because she lives out of town. I want to
tell her in person, but the only way we can talk right now is through the
phone or AOL and I am afraid that by the next time I see her she will already
have a boyfriend. I didn't tell her because I was afraid of being rejected
and ruining our friendship. I really need help. What should I do?

Hey Jim~
Now I've got a little problem that I think maybe you can answer. I am
going out with my boyfriend Jeff for a while now and he's always given me so
much attention and always has been really in to me and everything but
yesterday. I went on a sort of double date with my friend Tonya, I hadn't
seen her in a while and before we have had tough times but we have always
came out of them friends. Anyway, during the movie me and Jeff were cuddling
and I looked over and saw tonya and her date weren't having the best of time.
After the movie we all went to get some food and I noticed in the restaurant
tonya was trying so hard to get attention (especially from Jeff!). I tried to
ignore it but it was really bugging me, as time went on her flirting got
worse and I was about to blow up with rage, but I calmed my self down and
took a deep breath and when I went home that night I had a dream Jeff dumped
me and went out with was quite upsetting! Today being with Jeff
felt like he didn't like me anymore or something. So could it be that my
dream will come true or am I making myself imagine it cause of what happened
at the movies?? Write back soon!!

hi jim
my name is *** and well a few days ago i told this guy that I like that i
liked him because well i wanted to be forward with him and well i dont think
it worked out well. I thought it would because well we are good freinds and
we always talk about us and call each other baby and sexy and u know talk
about doing it just kidding and are very close. After i told him , him and
some friends were like uh uh hes gay and all this , he acted like a totally
different person. what should I do, i dont know whats going on, an dwe dont
even talk as much but we do a little. please help me

need help

Hi Jim. I am *******. I am 15 and I am having problems with my best friend.
Now last summer things were great, we had just started to become friends and
we had the same interest in a music group. We would get into little arguments
about things but every best friend does right? Well I thought everything was
going fine until right about the time I started dating this guy named Brian.
It wasn't the first guy I have been with, but the first since me and Amanda
had been such great friends. At first she was excited to hear about him, then
she got annoyed. She would roll her eyes everytime I even mentioned his name.
And my other friends wanted to hear about him but she is my best friend and
you would think she'd be a little more attentive. SO anywho, Brian came and
went and she also went out with someone for about a week while me and Brian
were dating. We all decided to go on a triple date. It was 3 couples and she
was soo happy. I got and get the feeling she's only comfertable when she's
got a b/f to. And I can agree cuz it balances out more. It's been about 2
months since me and Brian decied not to go out anymore. Amanda got dumped by
her Boyfriend the next day after we had all gone on that "triple date". It
seems to me right when Brian came along that things changed. I also
"acciedentally read her Journal and obviously, it was no shock to me, that
she liked Brian. She had hearts around his name and she wrote little comments
next to it like 'Why do you always do this to yourself' and then on the next
page she wrote how she's sick of me thinking i am "all that" and shes sick of
people treating me like im some F**king goddess" . I said to myself well I
was expecting this but she left it right there and in big letters it said
AMANDA's JOURNAL. Thats just something you dont do, ya know.(B.T.W. me and
her shared a locker at school) So now my parents are getting divorced and me
and amanda go into this little fight about how she was laughing at me cuz i
couldn't do something and i like started yellin' at the top of my lungs angry
at her, and i have only done that one other time, and we were mad at
eachother and she wrote me a note saying how I can use my parents separtating
as an excuse to get pissy at her. I never looked at it that way I was mad at
her for her, and I think she was trying to convince herself that it was
something else. We made up and she wrote this really nice speech for me as
did I for her for our speech class and it just sounded totally different than
the way she acts. I just had a end of the year party and i invited some of my
friends. Louie, which use to be christines boyfriend, was there and I guess
after i left to go pick something up she was like telling him to leave and
asking him why he was there. Also she had said a comment about a band I
really like which I thought she did to. Not the same musical person as in the
beginning. And see I thought she liked Blink182(thats the band) but she just
said to all of the people there, after she had turned it off, how annoying
their voices are. Now for about a month I have kept that I am going to
Blink182's concert becuz I couldnt get tickets for her to go and I thought I
would hurt her if she found out but I did it all for nothing. I just dont
understand her. Why does she act like this? I have been trying so hard to
make our friendship work, even putting her in front of guys; which is tough
for me I love guys! I just don't understand how she can make fun of Louie and
at my party go off with Christine and be rude to everyone else there becuz
nobody else thought Louie was a loser. She says she'd die without me but it
seems like she's purposly doing this stuff to piss me off. I don't know if i
should just forget about her or just talk to her about it, but everytime I
try the problem barley gets solved.
Please Help Me,
Banging Head on the Wall Girl

hey... i am only 13 years old so your advice on this subject would be much
appreciated... i like this guy... who likes me... but he has a girlfriend
(who just happens to be my ex bestfriend) well anyways... a couple days ago,
he kissed me... but now he is telling everyone that i was the one who kissed
him.. do you have any ideas in what i should do? anything would be truly

Hi Jim,
I'm twenty years old and in a relationship that went from being the best
thing that could have happened to me to being nothing but irritating. We have
been friends for 7 years before we became a couple I love this women with all
heart, but pretty much for the past 3 months we have been fitting with each
other. I want this relationship to work out for the better, but I can't take
all this fitting any more. The minute she gets an attitude we start to fight
because I'm trying to find out where she is coming from. If she looks sad I
ask her what is wrong we start to fight. She is constantly saying that she
hasn't changed that it is me. I know that I have a problem due to the fact
that when we start to fight I don't back down I never back down from anyone.
We have the same personalities that we are both stubborn and won't give an
inch to one another. What do you think I should do?

How do I get my scanner to work. I can't seem to get it to work with my
computer. I lost the book on how to do it and the place I bought it from
says they won't tell me over the phone and it's too far to drive back down
there. I have the disk in there but my computer says I have to hook it up with a
card or something. Please help as I would like to send some picture's to my sister.
Thanks, Mary

What can yopu say about us becoming cygorgs in the next five to ten years. Bearing in mind that the technology is constanly being developed and eventually every one will be on line-e-commerce. Hope to get a reply soon.

My floppy disk drive does not work properly . It keeps saying write formatt.
I have bought new disks. How is this happening and how can I fix?

My cd dooes not work on my computer. I must have pushed one of the wrong
buttons or transposed it to another drive and how can I fix?

what do u do when u have a lot of more then friend feelings for a good guy
friend of yours?what do u do when that person has apsalutly no idea at
all?please get back to me

hey, i have a big problem. see theres this girl that i like a lot. and i was
really close from going out wit her. one of my best friends is going out wit
her right now.i went up to the girl and said would you ever consider going
out wit me before she got her boyfriend, she said that she would probablly go
out wit me.then wen she said yes to my friend, i asked the girl y she changed
her mind, and she said that she had feelings for the boy that she couldnt
control.and the kicker is that im really ugly and ahe said that looks dont
matter to her, but thats b/s. she said that she only cared about
personalities. and she even said that i had an awesome personality and i was
the nicest boy she knows.the girl and her boyfriend get in fights everyday
and they r always getting mad at eachother. wen i asked the girl y she
doesnt like me, she said that she doesnt really know and if she does know
shes probablly not gonna tell me. i love this girl and i want her to love me
back, wat do i do?

Hi Jim,
I am almost 18 years old, and I used to work at a fast food restaurant for
almost a year, until my dad quit it on me because he had a problem with my
boyfriend (who I also worked with). My dad told me I had to find another
job. I have found another job, but I would like to go back to the other job
I had when I am 18, but he said I can't as long as my boyfriend still works
there. He won't even let me go in there now to visit anybody that I used to
work with. I just feel that if I am 18, I have the right to work anywhere I
want to and my parents really don't have a say. I loved that job a lot and I
haven't been happy ever sence. I was just wondering what you thought about
the situation and I wanted to know your opinion on letting me work wherever I
want when I turn 18, or let my parents control me and tell me where I can and
can't work after I am 18. I know they tell me that if I still live at home
with them, I have to follow their rules, but shouldn't I have some right to
work where I want when I become an adult?
Thanks for the help! I appreciate it very much.

Dear Jim,
There is this guy at my school who I've never had feelings 4 b4-even
though hes worked w/ our competition squad...but now 2 months later...I find
myself very attracted 2 him & his personality or what it appears 2 be...we've
never really spoken and we hang out w/ totally different people...but every
now and then I find us making eye contact. I am infuated w/ this...our stare
is so special its hard 2 explain...u just kinda ways he's a Senior
& will be graduating next yr. & Im a Jr....I might never see him again after
these 2 weeks and since it took me soooooo long 2 figure out how I feel...I
dont know what 2 do about my feelings...I really like him & am afraid I might
not get the chance 2 tell can I get him 2 notice me if he hasnt
already...or how can I make the 1st move...Im 2 shy 2 just go up 2 him and
tell him...ahhh I feel like just going up 2 him and kiss him then run. No

When I drop where do I want this scan to go to ( aol )is no longer there.
I used it for months and now it is gone so I can not e-mail pictures of my
grandchildren. Thank you

Hi Jim,

What is an appropriate gift to give a nice for high school graduation? I'm thinking $50? $75? $100?





well i am a 14 yr girl i am going out wit a 1 yr old guy i like him soooo
muchhe is soo nice too me and is always there for me but the thing is we
fight alot bout stupied things and i hate it he always listen too r friends
and they r stupied they r the ones who get us in fights and a couple of
months ago we broke up it was terrible we had too though i still liked him
and i was upset alot anyways my boyfriend was at his friends house and they
invited my girlfriends over jsut 3 of them anyways my best friend i guess
liked him and never told me and my bf said that he liked her and they kissed
and i was like cryin but we worked it out and he said he doesnt like her he
only likes me so i believed him and now we r togther again but i cant get it
out of my mine i feel he might still like her but i am not sure and just one
more thing i went out wit 1 guy in the begining of the year he is really nice
and we r good friends but he has liked me the hole year and i kinda have a
little cruch on him but not like a huge one just alittle one and my bf and
all r friends say that me and the other guy flirt but we dont we r just good
friend i dont know what too do please help thanks o please send ur answer
back too ******


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