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Notice to America Online users


If you are using the browser supplied with America Online, I strongly recommend following the steps below before viewing images at this site. Otherwise images will not appear the way they were meant to be seen!

These new instructions below were found in AOL version 7.0 help files:

Problem: Blurred or fuzzy pictures on your home pages or pages you visit can be caused by the (AOL) browser's use of compressed images. To speed up the display of pictures, the browser preference may be set to show compressed pictures.
( This may not be completely true. AOL uses compressed graphics to reduce the load on their network.) The AOL browser uses compressed graphics by default. I guess they figure you don't need to know. Can you tell I'm not a fan of AOL?

Solution: Setting the browser preference to turn off the compression of pictures and graphics should correct the problem.

1. On the Settings menu click Preferences.
2. In the Organization section of the Preferences window, click Internet Properties (WWW), then select the Web Graphics tab.
3. Select Never compress graphics.
4. Click OK.

If you are turning off compressed graphics for the first time, you'll see an improvement in the sharpness of all photographs viewed online.

AOL's network compresses and in some cases reduces the size of .jpg images. As a result, a clear sharp scan can appear to AOL users as a blurry smudged image.

AOL's browser may reduce the size of images wider than 640 pixels. Many of the photos and most of the aerial photos at this site are wider than 640. Viewers using AOL's browser might not be able to view some images at their original size.


If you browse the Web using AOL's Web browser and you have graphics compression turned on, you're not seeing the real picture. Virtually all photographs you view on the Web appear blurred from AOL's compression.

A friend who uses AOL recently turned off AOL's graphics compression and here is what he wrote:

"Jim, I did what you said, I then called my daughter in to the room, she showed me how
to put both images on the screen at the same time. Only then could we compare
them and see the vast difference between the two.
Good job."

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