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Saugus, Massachusetts
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James F. Harrington
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The panoramic photograph of Saugus, and the area North of Boston, was made by pasting several digital photos together. Labels have been added to help viewers identify landmarks. A fair amount of compression was used when saving the jpg file to keep the download time reasonable. Some sharpness and color are lost from .jpg compression.

The image is 7065 pixels wide by 269 pixels high and covers almost 180 degrees of view. The image will not fit on your monitor and you'll need to grab the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of your browser and slide it to the right to pan across the image. Unfortunately, AOL's browser might resize the image to fit it on-screen or it might not display it at all.


Saugus, Massachusetts Panoramic Photograph from Vinegar Hill
(353K) 4/4/01 Click Here


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